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Shield cover SMT mounting machine

Shield cover SMT mounting machine

  • Product description: Shield cover SMT mounting machine

The shield cover SMT mounting machine is suitable for the production of wireless terminal equipment (mobile phones, models, routers, drone motherboards, car GPS motherboards, etc.) SMT line tail,Universal before and after the furnace, instead of manually performing the work of shielding cover, crimping, die cutting, barcode reading, etc.


1. The shield cover SMT mounting machine is suitable for single or double-sided up to 4 kinds of disc materials or 6 kinds of die-cutting parts, fast speed and good stability

2. It can be placed on the front of the furnace / behind the furnace to install the shielding cover, saving the manpower of loading, increasing production capacity and improving product quality;

3. Compatible with carrier and non-carrier PCB board mounting shield cover;

4. bilateral feeding, four to six disc feeder stations, disc feeders have a choice of 2 to 10 discs, to meet the needs of different products, docking with the production line to achieve line production;

5. Efficient multi-axis working head: 6 vacuum nozzles, the mounting speed can reach 2.5S/PCS, and the pass rate is ≥99.8%;

6. high-precision transmission positioning system: the use of imported linear servo motor, grating scale, closed-loop control. Significantly improved speed, accuracy, stability and equipment life;

7. It can increase the functions of applicable tape, label placement and QR code scanning, so that the equipment can be diversified and provide customers with convenient production mode;

8. The shield cover SMT mounting machine comes with 2D barcode reading function: automatically read the barcode after the label is posted;

9. The shield cover SMT mounting machine can be changed to the use of Odd-form Component Inserter.

Technical parameters:

 Basic configuration

 Standard feeding platform; belt type three-stage transmission; 6

 placement heads; MK camera; part recognition camera; XY linear

 motor, grating ruler;THK linear guide

 Mounting accuracy

 Repeat positioning: ±0.01MM, positional accuracy: ±0.03MM 3sigma

 Mounting speed

 Mounting speed: 2.5 s / shield cover

 Pass rate

 Pass rate ≥99.8%

 Shield cover size

 Minimum: 5*5*0.04 (MM) Maximum: 75*75*0.2 (MM)

 TRAY incoming

 material size

 Width range: 152MM-255MM length ≤ 320MM

 PCB size

 Minimum: 50*50 (MM), maximum: 320*210 (MM), thickness <5MM

 PCB clip width


 Track interface


 Fixture reflow device

 Reserve jig reflow device channel

 Feeder (number of


 Multi-disk Feeder (10 discs), Duel-disk Feeder, package label feeder,

 package thermal silica chip feeder

 Tape and shield 

  cover  feeder

 Support shield cover tape feeder


 MARK positioning and machine vision positioning

 Number of

 placement   heads

 6 placement heads for up to 6 types of materials

 Host size

 1200X1330X1660MM (length * width * height) with transmission


 Multi-disk Feeder


 320*910*800MM (length * width * height) (tail protruding host


 power supply

 Single phase AC 200~240V 50/60HZ 10A 3.3KWH

 Air pressure

 Dry air 0.45-0.6M pa

 equipment weight

 The shield cover mounting machine is about 1600 kg



 Can be docked with MES system and MTS tools, with built-in WI

 function, reverse foolproof function


 Labeling, thermal insulation cotton, die-cutting


 More compatible for the placement of shield covers for all

 communication products

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