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SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X

  • Product description: SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X

SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X

SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X Specification:




Visual identity system


Multiple algorithms synthetically such as WIDM,Color Image contrast technology,Color extracting technology,similarity two-value handing technology,OCR/OCV and so on


Distal and high speed color camera,Resolution: 15um(20um,12um,10um for option)


Industrial telecentric lens


Rings RGB LED Lamp-house

Image Processing Speed


Inspection Items

Missing,Shift,skewed,tombstone,billboard,overturned,reversed polarity,wrong parts,CPU SOCKET PIN inspection(Pin missing,PIN shift)

Min Inspection element Distance

01005& 0.3mm pitch

Mechanical system

PCB Conveyor

Belt conveyor system(Chain conveyor for option),left to right(Optional right to left)PCB fixing:bottom-up,Automatic PCB loading and unloading,Adjustable clearance,conforming SMEMA standard,The conveyors height adjust range:900+20mm

PCB size

65*65mm-510*460mm can make other size according to clients demands

PCB thickness

2 - 8mm

PCB warp age

<2mm (fixture for correction of deformation)

Component height

Top<50mm, Bottom<30mm (special requirements can be customized)

X,Y Platform


AC Sever,camera moves in the directions of X/Y/Z

Positioning accuracy


Moving speed


Z Axis

Height adjust between50-100mm,safety distance 50mm

Identifiable component height:1mm-50mm

Adjust method: Automatically

Software system

operating system

Microsoft, Windows7 X64

Identification control system


Set template images real time,count data and error gate value automatically,Three marks correction input CAD date locate the templates automatically,the operator can combine algorithms according the requirement

Operation interface

Graphical programming Chinese / English

Offline Programming

Offline programming and Offline debugging


NG adaptable,Check and correct PCBA defects at repair station

Control System


CPU: IntelI7,Memory:16G Hard disk:1TB

Display output

23 inch LCD widescreen display

Multiple machine control

The Operator can control multiple same machines in the control terminal


Air supply

4 - 6 bar

Mechanical dimension




Power supply

AC 220V10%,single phase 5A 50/60Hz,power consumption 1200W

Working environment

Temperature 10-40ºC , humidity 30-80%RH

SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X Features:

a. 5Megapixels high speed industrial camera & telecentric lens,with high resolution can applied in high precision mounting quality inspection

b. The world’s first automatic lifting vision module,can deal with complex mixed mounting/plug-in circuit board

c. The camera can automatically identify the bar code on both side of the PCB and make the corresponding information storage,easy to save and trace the product information

d. The 27X designing with its flexible structure,can work as the final quality control station especially in large server or motherboard

SMT Automated Optical Inspection Systems | AOI,CW-Z7X   Introduction:

CW-27X on the basis of traditional AOI increased the Z axis,can automatically adjust the focus by lifting the vision module,get the most clear image quality.can be used in the inspection of the SMT,wave soldering joint and very high plug-in components.

SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X Test Effect Chart:

SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X CE Approval:

SMT AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection & SMT AOI,CW-Z7X Our Best Service:

1.Engineers available to service machinery oversea.

Engineers are available to be sent to freign countries to do machinery training and offer technical support.

2.Mature technique & forerunner to process makes high quality machinery.

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Our mission:

Ongoing PCB industry PCB separator technological innovation, to create greater value, allowing customers to success

Our Vision:

PCB industry to become the world's leading solution providers PCB separator. pcb router machine


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