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  • ChuangWei PCB Depaneling & PCB Separator &PCB Cutting Machine Supplier,CW-F04
ChuangWei PCB Depaneling & PCB Separator &PCB Cutting Machine Supplier,CW-F04

ChuangWei PCB Depaneling & PCB Separator &PCB Cutting Machine Supplier,CW-F04

  • Product description: ChuangWei PCB Depaneling & PCB Separator &PCB Cutting Machine Supplier,CW-F04

ChuangWei PCB Depaneling & PCB Separator &PCB Cutting Machine Supplier,CW-F04

Detailed Product Description:

Warranty: One year Spindle: KAVO
Speed: 60000rpm Power: 220V, 4.2KW
Colour: White Name: PCB Router Equioment

Key Feature:

1. Two-slide PCB Separator

2. Low stress

3. Sharp cutting edge

4. Manul loading /unloading

5. High speed cutting by 4 axes control

6. Easy teaching with image processing

Performance Parameters:



Standard working area



220V, 4.2KW

Manipulator Repeatability




Board Positioning

Dual workstation with nest fixture or pin fixture

Panel Location

Located by tooling holes or edges of PCB





Panel Size


Panel Thickness


Spindle motor

KAVO Spindle

Tool Change


Dust filtration system

3KW Vacuum Cleaner

Vision system

High resolution CCD video camera


Vision assisted point to point manual teaching

Editing Function

Dry run vision assisted / test run mode

Machine weight


Machine dimension



1.2-way Sliding Exchanger:

This work exchanger provides a simultaneously in-and-out working space to limit the idle time, which in turn reaches the utmost output value.

2.Route Duplication:

The user only needs to set two referent points to duplicate a same route in saving programming time.

3.Routing Bit Sectioning:

The user may set a designated distance, and have the routing bit shift-up or -down in order to make a new section of touting bit to cut boards for multiplying the life of the routing bit.

4.Friendly GUI:

Windows XP system and Graphical User Interface (GUI) is adopted, which enables the user to learn and use the program easily. A 10 x zoom-in image is shown on screen for setting all points.


1. Using double slide into place device, reduce the cutting waiting times, increase production capacity.

2. Avoid artificial flap caused by the cracking of tin and part damage and other issues.

3. Avoid using blunt or fold, produced by mechanical stress.

4. Suitable for the finished plate arc and line cutting.

5. Suitable for small pieces of the final cutting, base plate of a mobile phone, PDA, PC interface card and so on.


CE Approval:

Why Choose Us:

1. Engineers available to service machinery oversea.

Engineers are available to be sent to freign countries to do machinery training and offer technical support.
2. One year warranty for the machines except accessories.

Robust frame construction and Japanese steel blades obtained good appraise and recognized by and oversea clients. We offer parts for replacement under warranty free of charge, clients only need to bear freight charge.

3. Effective customer service.

All of us together are stronger and wiser than any one of us individually. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and withdepartments, effectively comminicate with one another, foster enthusiam and participate in decision-making. To be seay reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for customers

4. Mature technique & forerunner to process makes high quality machinery .

As largest manufactory in South China, we have 12 years experience on PCB separator machines and soldering machines. pcb router machine

Our R&D team continuously upgrade the existing machines to meet the market development trend


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