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Laser PCB Soldering  Machine

Laser PCB Soldering Machine

  • Product description: Laser PCB Soldering Machine

Laser PCB Soldering  Machine

Laser PCB Soldering  Machine Product Feature:

1.The use of high-performance solid laser, optional with 500W/700W;

2.High precision table, high quality glove box, vacuum sealing welding;

3. Visual positioning, intelligent welding, welding seam formation and sealing;

4.Applicable to the military industry, special materials welding;

5.Welding seam is smooth, fine and sealed.

6.Contactless and low heat input

7.Minimum part deformation

8.No tool ware

9.Minimum metallurgical damage

10.Very stable processes

11.Very fast

12.Easy integration in production equipment

13.Low cost per weld for high volume applications

Laser PCB Soldering  Machine Production Description:

Sealed glove box by laser welding machine, laser glove box, laser power, optical system, CNC control system, refrigeration system and other components, precision welding is mainly applicable to the special material requirements of welding environment. The biggest highlight of the device lies in the smart camera vision positioning system, with high resolution, fast response time and easy programming. To achieve efficient communication between the motion control system, repetitive positioning accuracy of the work-piece are low, high precision can complete any complex graphics repeat precision welding, which is different from the traditional teaching programming and single program processing mode, which can be widely used in the automation of small format repeat precision welding.

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