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  • PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A
PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A

PCB Dual Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A

  • Product description: PCB Dual Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A

PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A

PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A Features:

1) Temperature measuring function: This  system includes a non-contact thermo sensor that can measure the temperature of a part that has been soldered.

2) Precision solder wire feeder: The ZSB solder feeder is standard on all laser soldering systems. The feeder is programmable in 0.1mm increments thus allowing precision control for micro soldering applications.

3) Soldering profiles: 32 soldering profiles that can be customized. Each laser solder profile can be divided into three, 8 step sequences to allow for flexible and precise parameter control.

4) Three laser head options: The three laser head options are focal distance, I/R temperature sensing and head size.

PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A Application:

1.Quick turn prototype assembly

2.Lead-Free high temperature soldering

3.Selective assembly of planned (and unplanned) missing SMT components

PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A The advantages:

1.controlling the solder constant temperature

2.minimal component distortion

3.sensitive and dissimilar components

PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A Specifications:

1480mm*1360mm*1412 mm
Power Supply:
230VAC, 50 Hz. 32Amp / 110VAC, 60 Hz. 32 Amp

80 PSI. 10 CFM, 280 liter/minute

Pentium IV min:
Win 2K Operation System
Color Monitor:

17” Flat Panel Display

Keyboard and Track Ball:

PCB  Dual  Soldering Machine,CWLS-1A AFQ:

1.- I see according to the specification there may be up to 1000 files. How many joints can we have per file ? I need to know the programing limitation of the machine.

R: No limit on the joints per each program. More than 1000 files.

2.- Can you send me user manual of the robot ? I need to see the programing abilites. I need to know every parameter we can set for every joint.

R: We will offer the instruction manual when delivery, don't worry about that.
3.- Also where are stored the programs - in the robot or in memory card ?

R: The programs are stored in the robot.

4.- What is the teaching pedant for besides programing ? Can I copy soldering programs to another robot CWDH-411?

R:Yes, program can be copied from 1 robot to another robot.

In generally, each PCB has 1 program with hundreds of joints.

There are total 144M storage, 100000 joints take 3M.

If there are 1000 joints per each program, the robot could store 4800 files.

5.- Is it possible to start the program from particular joint (not from the begining but for example from 5th joint)?

R: Yes, you could start from particular joint.
6.- Is it possible to execute only one joint ?

R: Yes, it is OK.
7.- Is it possible to set X,Y,Z offest for every joint ? What I mean is if the soldering tip can be set in the way it comes into the joint under some angle?

R: Yes, you could set offset, solder paste capacity, soldering time for every joint.
8.- Is it possible to set the tip to come out from the joint under angle as well ?

R: Yes, no problem.
9.- Can I set feeding/backing speed for every joint ?

R: Yes, you could set the soldering time for every joint.
10.- I didn't see how much power is the soldering heater (I can only see the total machine is 2300Watts) ?

R:It is 150W.
11.- Also what is so powerful in the robot so it is 2300 watts ? Our current robot is 600 Watts total power and it is almost the same. The soldering tip is 400 Watts and it has PC inside. So I expect the motors to be no more 150 Watss totally. But here we have 2300 Watts? I am just curious what is so powerful ?

R: The machine is total 750W, including the soldering heater 150W.
12.- Do we need air for the machine and if so how much ?

R: Yes, need air. In generally, it works by 2-3 kg/c. Do you have a air pump in your factory? If yes, it is enough, because standard industrial air pump has 6-7 kg/c.
13.- Also do you have soldering tip like below (this is what we use right now)?

R: Yes, we could custom make according to your soldering requirements based on your PCB if we don't have exsiting tips.

14.- I forgot to ask you also if it is possible to program arrays with the robot.

R:Yes, it is ok to program arrays.

15.-What is the speed for x-y movement?

R:X/Y axis is 600mm/s, max speed for Z axis is 400mm/s

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