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The Correct Operating Procedures of PCB Cutting Machine

1. Make sure that the components on the circuit board do not touch the body and the blade. The components on the board should not exceed the height of the board. If the parts on the board touch the blade, do not split the board. The PCB Cutting Machine technician adjusts the blade or informs the supplier to process the blade. The height of the upper knife is adjusted according to the thickness of the automatic automatic dividing machine. The adjustment result: a paper with a thickness of 0.1MM is placed on the lower knife. When the upper knife seat is slid, the paper is clear and flat and evenly scratched;

2. Cut the size of the circuit board according to the need, press the corresponding sub-board stroke button. Stroke distance switch: A: 1-4 lighting stroke maximum (board maximum) B: 2-4 lighting stroke length. C: 3 -4 The light stroke is the shortest.

3. Upper blade height adjustment: The circuit board is fed into the machine along the guide plate. Whether it can be cleanly separated by the blade depends on whether the spacing between the upper blade and the lower blade is appropriate. Therefore, the blade height should be adjusted before the board is divided. After the test is completed, there is no problem. Tighten the adjustment knob to fix the screw. Use both hands to clamp the V-CUT slot of the PCB to the lower blade of the upper tool stroke (not skewed), and use the foot pedal switch to do cutting work.

4. Finally adjust the speed of the sub-board, the speed is divided into two speeds, according to the needs, the V-shaped groove on the board selects the fast gear, and vice versa selects the slow gear. According to the high-end halve of the components on the automatic sub-board The height of the front and rear pallets of the trigger is adjusted. The front pallets can be easily operated without fatigue, and the rear pallets are easy to affect normal operation;

5. After the above adjustment, start to split the board. First put the V-groove of the PCB board to the splitter, then step on the foot to carry out the split board, remember: the PCB does not move during the cutting process, round The knife slips to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate are not damaged by the movement. Turning on the power supply sets the stroke of the upper knife (determined by the size of the PCB) and the speed (the low speed operation when the SPEED light is off, and the high speed operation);

6. Plug one end of the power cord into the power jack of the unit, and connect the other end to the 220V AC power supply; connect the foot switch to the foot switch jack, temporarily turn off the power switch; place the machine on the horizontal workbench On the ground and prevent the static electricity from being generated; after each work, remove the debris on the machine; if it is not used for a long time, apply the protective oil on the upper and lower knives to prevent rust, and add lubricant to the slide rails.


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