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Nine Precautions for Safe Operation of FPC Laser Cutting Machine

   [FPC laser cutting] FPC laser cutting machine uses the high energy conversion working method to achieve the cutting effect. It works automatically under the control of computer program, with high precision and fast speed. The laser generates energy that is transmitted to the cutting head by conversion. The laser beam strikes the surface of the material to form a fine spot. The area illuminated by the spot is instantly melted, and the cutting head reciprocates so that the material can be processed into a desired shape.

      When operating the FPC laser cutting machine, if it is not dangerous if mechanical failure occurs, the operator must undergo professional skills training and wear protective equipment to operate the FPC laser cutting machine. After years of research and development experience, Shenzhen Guoren Lightspeed Laser 9 FPC laser cutting machine safety operation precautions.

      1. The new hand must be trained in professional skills to operate the FPC laser cutting machine, familiar with the structure of the equipment, and fully grasp the basic operational knowledge.

      2. Strictly follow the safe operation rules of the FPC laser cutting machine and start the machine according to the process.

      3. Protective equipment should be worn before operating the FPC laser cutting machine to protect the safety of the person. Do not watch the laser beam with the naked eye for a long time. [FPC laser machine]

      4. The surrounding environment of the FPC laser cutting machine is kept dry and tidy. It is forbidden to stack inflammable and explosive materials, and the fire extinguishing equipment should be placed at your fingertips.

      5. If a mechanical failure occurs in the FPC laser cutting machine during operation, the equipment should be shut down immediately and reported to the technicians in time.

In addition to failure.

      6. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the post without authorization during the operation of the equipment, so as to prevent the FPC laser cutting machine from coming out of the effective range or causing accidents caused by two collisions.

      7. After the FPC laser cutting machine system is turned on, it should be manually operated at low speed to check whether the X, Y axis and linear guide are abnormal.

     8. A small amount of testing should be performed before mass processing of unknown materials, and the operation should be recorded.

     9. The FPC laser cutting machine should be regularly maintained for maintenance work, and regularly check the lubrication of moving parts and the wear of consumables. [UV laser cutting machine]


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