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The Safety Production Requirements of Automatic Screw Machine

Enterprise safety production has always been indispensable. With the increasing number of companies choosing automatic screw machines, the safety of using screw machines has received more and more attention. Today we mainly introduce how to use the screw machine safely:

First, the daily inspection and maintenance of the screw machine. Checking and maintaining the screw machine not only increases the service life of the equipment, but also makes it work better and is the basis for safe production.

Second, the safety inspection of technical parameters. In order to ensure safe production, it is necessary to regularly check whether the relevant technology is normal, the technical parameters and safety performance test of the automatic screw machine, establish relevant safety systems, and implement relevant responsibilities.

Third, the screw machine operators must go through relevant technical training, after the training, they need to pass the examination and then go to work.

Fourth, The workshop personnel strictly implement the relevant management systems such as the post responsibility system, safe operation procedures, routine inspections, etc. and strictly implement them.

    Fifth, The use of the screw machine must be installed, debugged, and used in strict accordance with the instructions for use and the technical specifications of the installation.


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