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The Advantages of the PCB Separator are Briefly Introduced

When we talk about the advantages of the automatic PCB Separator, in fact, we should first think of automatic, but as a production and processing equipment, its advantages and value will of course be reflected in our actual production process.

   First of all, the PCB Separator has a very significant mark in the actual production: the PCB board does not move, and the circular blade slips on the design structure, which can ensure that the substrate electronic components are not damaged during the moving process. We should understand that in general, the equipment will have a lot of wear during the movement process, and the automatic PCB Separator machine can avoid this very well.

  The second is the automatic PCB Separator machine in the middle of the actual operation, the round blade slip speed, and the distance between the upper round blade and the lower straight blade, can be adjusted according to the needs of the pcb splitter, so conducive to our operation and maintenance. Then the automatic cutting machine can improve the performance of the dividing machine according to the different performance of the actual conveyor belt.

  Finally, in the middle of the actual operation, the pcb splitter not only saves manpower, improves production efficiency, but also can reduce the internal stress generated during the splitting to a minimum, so that it can be very good. Avoid cracking of the tin to ensure the quality of the PCB board.


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