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Increase the Competitiveness of Enterprises Through a High-efficiency Automatic Lock Screw Machine

Automatic lock screw machine is divided into: hand-held lock screw machine, multi-axis automatic lock screw machine, coordinate automatic lock screw machine, which one to choose the right? In fact, this should be based on the company's own screws and products, not the more expensive the better the machine, the most suitable for the customer's product lock screw machine is the best. Based on customers' screws and products, Tovas Automation will create the most suitable fully automatic locking screw machine for your company and enhance the competitiveness of your company! Wherever the efficiency is high, in fact, what value a machine can bring, a multi-axis automatic locking screw can top 4 people's productivity.

A basic employee’s salary is 3,000 , four people in six months wages can buy a machine, so invest in a machine, almost half a year to return this, behind is the savings of funds, cost is quite high, there is a strong commonality of the automatic locking screw machine and the time to replace the product is very short. After a simple setting on the screen, you can lock 2-16 products with any number of screws.


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