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Automatic Lock Screw Machine Features and Maintenance Tips

Screw machine is applicable to a variety of screw specifications, a relatively simple arrangement of screws in a row, in order to improve the efficiency of a small automation equipment, learned from the relevant professionals screw machine by the feeding system and lock system consists of a feeding section, also called a screw arranging machine and a screw feeder, which are widely used in the electronics industry.

The current size range of screws has a certain amount of room for adjustment. From M1 to M8, and for special screws, there is an operating space, a separate design. Now that the screw machine has been very mature technology, so the phenomenon of card screw machine has rarely occurred again. If there is a phenomenon of missing screws, they will be automatically alarmed, thus reducing the phenomenon of workers doing no work at work. The current screw machine equipment can control the feeding system and vibration independently and can set the ideal delay stop time. When the abnormal situation occurs, the screw machine will start the fault alarm function! It is as simple as other screw machines.

When taking out the screw, place the head of the screw on the head of the screwdriver, slide down the guide, and then pull the screw out toward the front; each screw can save 1.4 compared with the traditional screw plate. In seconds, the productivity can be as much as 6 times, and it is easy to operate. Even if the hands are ready, they can learn the operation method immediately. Instead of aligning the screws, the screws can be put into the feeding room in batches.

Widely used in a variety of electronic industries, automobiles, televisions, air conditioners and other industries that require screws.

Screw machine features a lot, roughly the following aspects:

1. When extracting the screw, place the tip of the batch nozzle in the batch guide and slide down the guide, and then pull the screw toward the user.

2. Compared with the traditional screw plate, it can save 1.4 seconds to extract each screw, so it can increase production efficiency by 4 times.

3. easy to operate, first-time users can learn how to operate in real time.

4. widely applicable to various types, different lengths and head shape screws. (Current length is basically below 20mm)

5. small body, an operator can operate more than one screw conveyor.

6. easy to use, smooth screw supply

7. can replace the rail

8. because it is a horizontal conveying method, special screws can also be applied

9. applicable to the standard cutter head of each manufacture


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