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High-performance Laser Source: The Use of Solid-state UV Lasers of International Brands

(1) High-performance lasers The solid-state UV lasers of the world's leading brands have the advantages of good beam quality, small spot size, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small kerf width, and high cutting quality, guaranteeing perfect cutting quality.

(2) Fast and High Accuracy: A combination of high precision, low drift galvo mirrors and a fast servo system platform allows fast cutting while maintaining micrometer-level accuracy.

(3) Completely automatic positioning: Using high-precision CCD automatic positioning, high precision, no manual intervention, simple operation, high production efficiency.

(4) The image file is easy to handle: The cut file can be used only by using AutoCAD or CAM350.

(5) Exhaust gas treatment system: A suction system is provided to eliminate all the cutting waste gas, avoiding hazards to operators and pollution to the environment.

(6) Easy-to-learn software: The independently developed Windows-based control software has a friendly and attractive interface, powerful functions, and easy operation.

(7) Integration with the production line: The special loading and unloading system can be carried out according to the production requirements to achieve full automation of production and greatly increase production efficiency. It is a device specially designed for FPC processing.

(8) High degree of automation: Automatic galvanometer correction, automatic focus adjustment, automatic alignment, full automation, easy machine operation


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