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Inspection Method of PCB Depanelizer

First, select a regular large-scale manufacturer, the user should be able to go to the factory to watch the factory, this is very important, because you have to determine this PCB board machine manufacturer is an agent or a manufacturer, due to the price, some pcb automatic separator are more expensive, and it is recommended to go to the field to see if the factory will be more secure.

Second, the appearance of the PCB board machine view. First of all, look at the appearance of the plating, whether it is intact, and then personally operate it. Check the machine under the operating conditions. The machine wheel rotation should be more sensitive, there is no lag feeling, the spindle motor should be a soft sound during the operation of the equipment , there is no abnormal noise, along with other features of the device, such as power, speed, and whether the computer monitor is in a normal condition.

 Third, to view the internal time of the PCB cutting machine, to view the protective doors, acceleration, speed change and check the role of the brake, check the servo is running smoothly, the sound of the operation is normal.

 Fourth, the final step, then, is to negotiate a good after-sales service related issues, such as the machine's warranty time, equipment, invoices, related certificates, and product instructions.

 The above is the appearance inspection method of the PCB depanelizer. I hope to help you.


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