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The Advantages of PCB Separator

Where are the advantages of PCB separators?

First, security performance with a protective blade. Anyone who has used a PCB separator knows that the circular knife on the PCB separator is equipped with a protective blade, which is very good to protect the hands of the PCB board operator from harm.

Second, security performance on the induction device. General pcb cutting machines are equipped with sensing devices. Once a pcb cutting machine has foreign objects in operation, the sensing device immediately senses and stops working. This effectively guarantees the safety of the work.

Third, the safety performance in the adjustable cutting speed. A friend who knows about the pcb cutting machine knows that the pcb cutting machine can adjust the cutting speed of the pcb cutting machine through the use during the use, so that the safety of the cutting work can be well ensured.

The above is the embodiment of the advantage of the pcb cutting machine. I hope this article can help you.


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