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How Much Can Automatic Soldering Equipment Save the Factory?

Automatic soldering equipment is the use of modules and manipulators to replace the unmanipulable part of the manual work. It has low manual requirements, does not require long soldering training, does not require frequent supervision of employees, and only requires personnel to operate the equipment, but also can operate more than one person. Taiwan equipment, an employee can replace multiple stations.

 So how can automatic soldering machine bring about great cost savings to the customer?

1. A device can completely replace 2-3 personnel, with a soldering iron 5000 payroll (3X5000/month)

2. Personnel recruitment does not require training, training for safety operations and job availability, reducing intermediate training familiarization phase time and directly converting to production capacity.

 3. A device is 2.5 times more efficient than an artificial one. The efficiency is greatly improved. The value of one employee is calculated on the day of 500. That is (2.5X500/day).

 4. The equipment is stable without loss. The flow of people is too large to control and difficult to manage.

   The use of automatic soldering equipment is an irresistible trend. In the era of Industry 4.0, the use of equipment instead of manual equipment will be uncontrollable.


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