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Glue Dispenser's Common Problems and Solutions

The most common problem encountered by dispensers is the valve problem. Is it effective to solve the problems that often occur when the valve is used? Today we come to elaborate on everyone.

1. Valve leakage

This situation often occurs after the valve closes.

95% of this situation is due to the small diameter of the needle used.

Too small needles will affect the back pressure caused by the liquid flow, resulting in the phenomenon of drip leakage shortly after the valve closes. Too small needles will also affect the bubble action when the valve is used. Just replace the larger needle. You can solve this problem.

Tapered angled needles produce the least back pressure and the smoothest liquid flow.

The liquid inside the air will produce a drip phenomenon after the valve is closed, it is best to pre-empt the air in the liquid, or to use glue that is not easy to contain bubbles, or to use the rubber after centrifugal degassing.

2. Inconsistent glue size

When the glue is inconsistent, it is mainly caused by the pressure of the storage fluid or the unstable air pressure.

The inlet pressure regulator shall be set at 10 to 15 psi below the lowest pressure in the plant. The pressure used in the pressure cylinder shall be between the pressures above the pressure regulator and the pressure between the pressure gauge and the low pressure part shall be avoided. .

The valve control pressure should be at least 60 psi to ensure that the glue is stable.

Finally, the glue time should be checked. If it is less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue will be unstable, and the longer the glue is, the more stable the glue will be.


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