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The Classification of Automatic Dispensing Machine

1. According to glue to divide:

Phosphor dispensing machine, UV glue dispenser, AB glue dispenser, quick-drying glue dispenser, sealant dispenser, silicone dispenser, solder paste dispenser, instant glue dispenser, crystal glue Dispensing machines, rubber dispensing machines, epoxy dispensing machines, hot melt dispensing machines, yellow glue dispensing machines, etc.

2. According to the dispensing machine industry to divide:

LED Dispenser, Solar Dispenser, Jewelry Dispenser, Mobile Screen Dispenser, Capacitance Screen Dispenser, Notebook Shell Dispenser, Three Anti-paint Dispenser, Automotive Dispenser, Energy-saving Lamp Dispenser , Bulb light dispensers, speaker dispensers, bolt dispensers, transformer dispensers, relay dispensers, speaker dispensers, toy dispensers, coil dispensers, etc.

3. According to the dispensing machine function to divide:

CCD visual positioning glue dispenser, high-speed jet dispenser, line dispenser, online dispenser, pneumatic dispenser, volumetric dispenser, etc.

4.According to dispenser structure to divide:

Desktop dispensers, floor dispensers, three-axis dispensers, four-axis dispensers, dual table dispensers, and more.

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