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The Features of FPC Cutting Machine

FPC depaneling machine, punch depaneling machine, compact and solid structure, pneumatic cylinder output, environmental pollution, large output, and simple operation. With the latest gas-electric lightweight design, various die cutters can be used. Effectively cut all kinds of FR4 rigid circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards. It can be used for bulk cutting of circuit boards such as mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, and automobiles. When cutting multiple circuit boards, it can achieve maximum effect. The crankshaft device is pressurized by a cylinder drive.

The use of automatic push-pull at the work to reduce the labor intensity and improve the safety, at the same time, it is very convenient to pick and place the finished product. Applied to the electronic industry such as mobile phone boards, memory cards, mobile phone soft lines and other partitions. The efficiency is particularly significant for the segmentation of high-throughput trench PCB substrates and flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs). Equipped with security sensing equipment. With the use of molds, changing molds is simple and convenient.

FPC board machine features:

Fpc cutting machines, also known as puncher cutting machines, also known as soft cutting machines, are currently the two main methods for the FPC soft board, the laser cutting machine and the pneumatic punch cutting machine.

The fpc cutting machine has the following features:

1. The current pneumatic punching machine used in the market is mainly used for the one-off cutting of the whole block of PFC soft board. The colleagues who buy the pneumatic punching board dividing machine also need a set of corresponding punching dies. OK, but in general, the cost-effectiveness of the pneumatic punch depaneling machine is still very high, which is suitable for most electronic manufacturers.

2. Because the depth of the V-groove and the loss of the tool are required, the distance between the upper round knife and the lower straight knife can be accurately adjusted, so that it is possible to solve the problem that the parts span the V-groove to achieve the split board.

3. The operator can install conveyor belts as required to improve performance and ensure production safety.

4. The FPC soft board cutting machine minimizes the internal stress generated when cutting the board and avoids cracking. The slitting speed is controlled by the knob, and the stroke of the split board can be freely set, and there is an LCD screen display.


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