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Features of AOI Optical Detection Technology

Features of AOI Optical Detection Technology :


1. Long life: In terms of mechanical wear and tear, there is usually no mechanical movement part in the photoelectric detection, so the measuring equipment has a long life, reliable work, high accuracy, no shape and size requirements for the measured object; as long as the work is normal, generally In terms of the situation, it can be used for a long time.


2. High accuracy: We knew from a very young age that the accuracy of laser ranging from Earth to the moon reached 1 meter. This precise data allows you to fully appreciate the high precision of optical applications. As to whether this data is absolutely accurate, only the so-called experts know that after all, we have not actually measured it.


3. Fast speed: The speed of light is the fastest in nature. We often use the example of rain and thunder; we first see lightning and then we hear thunder. This is the fact that thunderstorms are often felt. We will not discuss it much.


4. Long Distance, Large Range: The above mentioned cases of distance measurement from the earth to the moon are the best illustrations. In production, they are mainly used in remote control, telemetry and remote sensing.


5. Non-contact detection: This is well understood, that is, the measurement without changing the properties of the measured object, the biggest feature is not to destroy the state of the detected object.


6. Digitization and intelligentization: This is the basic requirement for mechanical automation. No matter it is for inspection equipment or optical technology, it can be digitized, convenient for storage, intelligent, and can improve the processing capacity of industrial equipment, and at the same time be stronger. The information processing, calculation, and control capabilities guarantee the premise of industrial automation; it also replaces the need for high-frequency work.


If optical detection technology is used in PCBA inspection, what is the characteristic of what we commonly call AOI optical inspection? In combination with the current market environment and economic environment, We summed up the following five outstanding AOI features in the use of PCBA:


1. Instead of visual inspection (artificial detection): to achieve automatic detection and prompt detection results, fast, generally an online AOI detection equipment can replace 4-5 people's workload.


2. Work efficiency is stable: This is also the most direct feature that distinguishes it from manual detection. Compared to manual detection, the machine will not be fatigued and will not be able to avoid human factors such as tantrums or emotional instability.


3. Dataization, complete record of work process: The digitalization and intelligentization of the machine preserves the entire production data, ensures the quality traceability in the production process, and provides corrective data for problems that may arise during production, regardless of production time. A few days ago, or a few months ago, the query was fast and reliable!


4. Save manpower and save labor: Compared with the current difficulties in recruitment, labor expensive, import equipment testing can not only guarantee product quality, but also save labor, both in terms of cost savings, or from improving quality is the best s Choice.


5. Improve quality: instead of manually guaranteeing the stability of PCBA product quality, numerical and intelligent provide important data for quality assurance, saving labor can allow more funds for product development and promotion, for many products Process quality has its meaning.



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