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The Skills to Use Automatic Soldering Machine

Automatic soldering machines are far ahead of manual soldering in terms of efficiency and precision. Even a skilled solder master can not continuously perform soldering with high precision and high strength for a long time, just like automation equipment. However, when using automatic soldering machines, it is also necessary to master some basic techniques and methods. These techniques and methods will allow you to become familiar with automatic soldering machines and weld perfect products.

1. To master the heating time, the automatic soldering machine can directly set the warm-up time in the control panel:

Different heating speeds can be used for soldering. For example, the shape of the soldering iron head is poor. We have to extend the time to meet the solder temperature requirement when soldering a large soldering iron with a small soldering iron. In most cases, prolonging the heating time is detrimental to the assembly of electronic products because:

a. The bonding layer of the solder joint exceeds a suitable thickness due to prolonged heating, resulting in deteriorated solder joint performance.

b. Printed boards, plastics and other materials will be deformed and deteriorated due to excessive heat.

c. After the components are heated, their performance changes or even fail.

d. The surface of the solder joint loses protection and oxidizes due to volatilization of the solder.

Conclusion: The shorter the time is, the better it is to ensure that the solder wets the weldment.

2. Maintain the proper temperature:

If high-temperature soldering iron welding spot is used in order to shorten the heating time, there will be another problem: the flux in the solder wire does not have enough time to flow through the surface to be welded and prematurely evaporate; the solder melts too fast. Affects the function of the flux; due to the high temperature, the heating time is short but also causes overheating.

3. Correct position of iron head:

The force exerted by the head on the solder joint will cause the weldment to be damaged, and the serious product will be rejected as a product. In addition to these three points for the automatic soldering machine to pay special attention to the operational skills, there are some general methods used in soldering operations, such as the surface of the weldment, pre-welding before welding, keep the head clean, welding To be firm and so on, these are some of the necessary knowledge for solder operators.

After purchasing our automatic soldering machine, our engineers will perform special automated operation training for soldering operators, which will typically be proficient in just a few hours.


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