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Development history of automatic lock screw machine development history

At present, the automatic lock screw machine equipment has been developed for more than 20 years, and various types of equipment are also available. From the initial semi-automatic hand-held automatic lock screw machine to the fully automatic online lock screw machine, it is now an automatic lock screw machine. Applied to all walks of life, according to different industries also have different non-standard equipment.

For example, a desktop type automatic lock screw machine is suitable for a smaller size product. Suitable for electronic assembly industry. According to the customer's required capacity to develop equipment. At the same time subdivided into single-axis, dual-axis; single head, long head.

Rotary disc type multi-station screw machine is a multi-station indexing dial to achieve circular rotary stepping operation of the fixture, putting the product, machine assembly, testing, sending screws, screwing, automatic discharge and other work simultaneously, the machine performance is greatly improve.

The desktop automatic lock screw machine can automatically move and lock the screws according to the coordinate points, which has good versatility and is quick and easy to change the product fixtures. It is suitable for production of a small number of different products (you only need to replace the fixtures and call up the program.)


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