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  • SMT Hot Bar Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A
SMT Hot Bar Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A

SMT Hot Bar Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A

  • Product description: SMT Hot Bar Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A
PCB Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A
SMT Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A Features:
* Programmable logic controller (PLC) control system, so that the device is stable and reliable
* Pulse heating, can be sub-set temperature, real-time display of temperature curves
* Color touch screen, Chinese/English menu, you can store multiple sets of operating parameters,
all the parameters simple and intuitive
* Single head, dual table, rotary pick and place feeding platform, improve work efficiency
* Two camera system on the right place, with dual monitors, product alignment clearly to ensure the quality
* Two-button start switch, emergency stop protection devices to ensure safety

PCB Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A

SMT Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A Functions:
Suitable for FPC / FFC and the PCB welding production process

SMT Soldering Mahcine,CWPP-2A Process:(FPC and the PCB welding, for example)
* Manually placed on the PCB of the fixed mold station A
* FPC manually placed on the A station displacement Mould
* Press the button on the vacuum adsorption FPC, watch display, manual adjustments are positioned to
* Press the start button by 2 hands, the turntable rotated into the A station just below the indenter into the mold
* Heat head drop hot, and holding the set time
* Heat head rises, turntable rotation exit
* A station manually remove the product on the mold
* A crimping station, while the material and can be put on the bit manipulation in B station

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